Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I love you so

I love you so....I love you so....those are the words I hear from Mom every time I got to see her.  We have a schedule - Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday morning. 

The evening visits are the same...we eat dinner in the dining room, I take Mom to her room and with the help of a Nurse's Aide she changes her clothes, washes her dentures and goes to the restroom.  We put her into bed, and adjust her curtain so she can see out into the hallway.  I usually put on her headset and hook up her Pocket Talker, so she can hear what I am saying. 

She always bemoans the fact that my brother never comes to see her.  She always says that she hates being in the nursing home.  She says she wants to be with me.  I explain that our house is not set up for someone in a wheel chair.  I also explain that I cannot manage her physically anymore.This upsets her, but is the reality of the situation

I hold her hand and and try and comfort her, but always feel devastated by her situation when I am leaving the facility.  Our visits always end with her saying ...."I love you so, I love you so".  I always answer, "I love you too, Mom...I love you too".