Sunday, April 26, 2009


I took Mom to a pancake restaurant to breakfast on Friday morning. She was pretty hungry by the time I got there. Everything was done to perfection on her plate, including her eggs. She ate everything and seemed to really enjoy her meal. I wasn't sure this was going to be the case because she told me that she felt like she died the day Dad died as we were entering the restaurant.

After that I took her to Walmart. We both found a few things and then headed back to Seattle. We stopped at TJ Max and Safeway and did a little more shopping before we headed back to her apartment.

Once I got all the groceries unpacked, I put in a laundry for Mom and emptied her recycling. With all that accomplished, I was on my way.

Mom is weighing heavily on me lately. She is so isolated and so alone. Her whole lif was focused on my father. With him gone, she is completely at a loss.

I am struggling with my own life too..having been laid off three weeks ago. Will life ever get easier?