Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where we are now

I know it has been a while since I have posted any entries to this blog. Work, helping Mom, our new daughter ...basically life has gotten pretty busy these days.

The short story is that Mom broke her hip last Sunday morning. It took me 2 hours to convince her she needed to go to the hospital. Once I had put some things she wanted into her trunks, she let me call 911. She insisted on putting her lipstick on before the 4 firemen arrived. They cut the right leg of her pants, evaluated her and called a cabulance to transport her to Virginia Mason Hospital.

I followed them to the Emergency Room. They gave her a nerve block, took some x-rays, evaluated her overall health and sent her to the Ortho floor to await surgery. They ended up monitoring her the rest of Sunday and all day Monday to make sure she could handle surgery. They found she has congestive heart failure, some valve blockage, one side of the heart that doesn't move much, and of course, her diabetes.

I finally went with her to the door of the surgical area about 6pm on Monday night. The anesthesiologist called around 7:30pm to let me know that her age and condition made this a high risk procedure. The surgeon called about 10:30pm to let me know it had gone well.

I saw Mom the next day, and she seemed to be doing fairly well. They got her out of bed a little and worked with her on her post operative bending down, not pivoting her right foot, no more than a 70% angle. Today she walked with the aid of a walker and a Physical therapist for 100 feet. She amazes everyone with her resilience.

Tomorrow she is being transferred to a rehab facility for up to 20 days to build her strength. I will meet her there and bring more clothes. I will also help ease her into the place, as I know she is extremely nervous about being in this facility. This is where my Dad died in June of 2007. She probably fears the same will happen to her.

It has been an emotionally exhausting week for both of us...but she is still in hanging in there.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom's 91st Birthday

Mom with her birthday cake tonight

Mom at the restaurant on Sunday

Pamela and Haven at the restaurant on Sunday

Sunday I took Mom, Pamela and Haven for lunch at a local seafood restaurant. The big hit for Mom was the chocolate sundae at the end of the meal. She seemed to enjoy getting out and spending time with us. She really gets a kick out of Haven and all her little antics.

Today is Mom's 91st birthday. I started her day by calling and singing her "Happy Birthday". Her first words were "I knew you would call". I arranged with her to bring dinner over tonight after work. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cabbage salad, and a chocolate baby cake with a candle.

Mom never talks much while we eat. I think she needs to concentrate. Her hearing is now so bad that it is difficult to communicate with her. We seem to do best over the phone.

After dinner, which was a big hit, I helped Mom get ready for bed. She sat on the bed in her nightgown while I sat with her marveling at her 91st birthday. She said that she hopes there aren't many more. She is having more foot pain with the neuropathy, more trouble with her heart and is just generally getting tired of living.

I did her dishes, took out the garbage and kissed her goodnight. I did what I could to make it a pleasant evening.

Happy Birthday, Mom.