Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day 2013.  I made a trip over to the cemetery yesterday with a couple of American flags I had purchased at the store.  The cemetery staff were  putting out the last white crosses and flags.  I spoke to one of them and asked if my parents could have a cross since both are veterans.  The gentleman apologized and said the Boy Scouts just put out crosses and flags on graves where the headstone has the emblem for the branch of the service that the deceased was in during their lifetime.  He gladly put a white cross up at Mom and Dad's grave and wrote down their names so they will receive the cross and flag in future years.

Mom was in the Women's Auxiliary Army Corp for six months.  She served as a telephone operator in Utah.  Dad was Storekeeper Third Class, typing up orders for others to ship out from a desk in San Diego.  Neither of them saw "action" in World War II, but both served their country with the skills and abilities they possessed.

So, Mom, Dad....I salute you both on this Memorial Day.  I am proud of the ways in which you both served your country.